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Engine idles fine in park, but when put in drive, idles very rough until engine up to speed.
It's a 93 3.3 turns over,has fuel persure but will not fire. what is the problem.
id like to fix one car with the other ones parts? can i do that?
repair replace transmation in dodge dynisty 1994.
i've been having problem after problem with this car. it has a problem with over heating. it keeps leaking anti freeze. ive changed the theromstat twice, the power steering belt broke, the out put speed sensor, this i...
air conditioner won't shut off
how i fownd the cooling fan module
The cooling fans don't work automatic ,fuses are good ,fans are good, but don't work auto.
My husband bought me a small car stereo system (a 2 channel amp, very small subs, and two for the front doors). We installed all the wiring ourselves, and found out a few days later that the battery kept draining. SO ...
When I come to a stop or just slow down for traffic or go around a corner, when I reaccelerate, the car gets "stuck" in second gear (it's an automatic transmission). I then pull over, stop, put it in park, turn the e...
My driver seat belt wont retract anymore and want to buy replacement but was wondering is it a do able thing?
Have replaced every part imaginable and realized it is not getting fire.Could it be the coil pack and if so can i have it tested.I cant afford to keep sinking money in it and I have had numerous shops look at it. It i...
My Instrument gages does not move when the ignition switch is turned on. No ignition lights etc.
I think it is the wiper motor, but just to be sure, I'm going to ask. I turn my wipers on, and the stay at a stand still in the upward motion and I have to get out and push them down. Is that the motor or do I need a ...