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The air bag light has just started turning on and off, I have heard of water intrusion, wondering if going through the car wash has caused this issue?
thump when shift, does not find / decide on gear
Dealer has replaced gas tank, several sensors, have been in contact with Chrysler Engineers, and say they have red ?star my van? What is that? They have had my van since 3/18 last Wed.This is 7th time I have had it in...
My 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan has been at the dealers since last Wednesday 3/18. This is 7th time in. check engine light keeps coming on and off. When I take it in they read codes. They have replaced the gas tank, sever...
There does not seem to be a manual way to open these windows. What needs to be done, so I can open these windows?
We have a dodge grand caravan 2014 we have had it a little over a year now, and I was wondering why the two front tires are comply bald ONLY on the outside part of the tires?
The day I bought my van, it began to shudder when we came to a stop. When I took it in for the problem they could not repeat it so nnn it was doing it badnone day and I drove in to pick up the service guy so that he c...