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Dust leaks everywhere all vents defrost it's the nicest but the worst dusty vehicle I. Have ever had. Is there a fix the dealer says nothing's wrong but I have dirt bank in the van.
Turned off machine last eve key won't go all the way in the ignition , is there a reset , or relay I can override,,,,thanks ... First time this problem has happened...
here in ND the temps get below 0 what action can be taken to combat this? it use to be a engine block heater ..
It will do this everytime I back uphill into my driveway, stop, then restart. Same feeling at times when moderately accelerating.
210 degrees seems high since 300 is as high as it goes..
Looking to find out if anyone has experienced problems with rear window leaks on newer model Caravan. We just received our vehicle, brand new, and after first rain noticed water running into rear arm rest/cup holders ...