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When the car is turned off the lights reset and are not on when I restart the car until I drive about 12mph. Any suggestions?
I discovered over the summer that my van seems to be loosing oil with no noticeable leaks when it's parked. I'm not seeing anything around the head gasket either. I'm told Dodge knows of this issue and is trying to ...
Can the abs wheel sensors get messed up/out of place when you get a new set of tires? I just got new tires two weeks ago, and now my ABS, ESP, BAS, and Brake lights are on. I do not notice any problems with the brakes...
The battery went dead while the van sat for three weeks below freezing so replaced battery - now ESP/BAS - traction control applies as are driving on dry pavement whenever the wheel is moved a bit to left or right and...
I know there is a specific order but I don't know what it is. Also, is there anything that must be done for the ABS system to work properly?
no real problems could it do it if oil was low
3.3 L engine, between every shift, there is a loud rumble and vibration, the mechanic says it is the torque converter and needs to break in, it has 3000 miles??? The noise sounds like a truck at 60mph