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I am replacing not sure which way arrow needs to point. Didn't pay attention when removed
Trying to figure out why and where coolant leak coming from that soaking driver side floor and fogging up the windows. We flushed out radiator which seem to stop stinky steam but we are losing coolant still on to the ...
My 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan was an issue with the right-hand (RH) side tail light. When the lights are turned on, the RH tail light does not illuminate; however, when the breaks are depressed, that light does illumin...
Winter & Summer, hot air blows on driver's gas pedal. 'tried to find a damper to lubricate, but no luck so far. Worst in the summer with A/C on.
Did not realize I had ran out of oil, ruined the rod bearings. My husband replaced those he says I need to do something with the crankshaft. So I'm basically asking what do I need to do now to quieten this van down.
Dodge dealer replaced rear A/C evaporator (per recall) in Sep of 2012 and A/C not working now.
I just bought this vehicle and drove about 120 miles with no problems. the van sat overnight and will not start.I have power to everything and had starter bench tested okay. I turn the key and hear relays clicking but...
When in park or driving the engine will regularly shudder as if to stall. It is much worst when I am in Park. less evident when I put the vehicle in neutral.What can be the problem??
Engine has no power and drags when trying to accelerate like it has no vacuum advance, diagnostic says it is missing on #2 and #5 cylinders. Changed coil pack with no change.
The AC is turned off. It mades no differce if you vent the air to dash or floor or both at the same time.