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Sometimes when attempting to start the van nothing happens. Power is on (lights, radio, etc work) but nothing happens. No noises at all. It will start after several attempts by turning the ignition on and off. Does...
Other than that it runs great and this only happens in the morning.
How do you get the clearance you need so that you don't damage the fan on the pump when you put it back in the car
some time when I stop or slow down completly the presure light come but geos off soon as I start moving and start after my second oil change from regular oil 5w-30 to full synthetic oil 5w 30
The flasher indecators say there working in the drivers seat but not in the lights had a mechanic look go through all the wiring and they found nothing so far
Does motor replacement require regular removal from the door? Or do I just tape the window glass in place and swap out the motor with the gear part of the regular included in the assembly purchased without a problem?tks
Check engine light will come on after about 10 seconds when going down a long steep hill with the selector in low gear to get some engine braking assistance. 3.8L engine. Never happens in normal driving or short hills...
I replaced the thermostat yesterday and the control on the dash that directs the air where I want it to go is working. How can I fix my problem? Thank you in advance for any help. Best regards, Allen Scarsella
This has occurred for over 3 years and is constant, except can't hear it at high speeds. Sometimes when I turn car on, noise is gone but then comes back after few minutes in idle. Sound will stay while driving low spe...
I've replaced the wiper blades and it makes no difference
when it starts there is a strong odor - not raw gas but like paint thinner it sat for 10 days while on vacation in the garage and started right up without hesitation but now back to long cranking