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My heater is working, warm air coming out but the fan motor has stopped working, is this an easy fix?
how do u test a neutral safety switch and if its bad how do i change it
The car's RPM's are running high. When driving 60 on the freeway the were at 5 RPM's and once I removed my foot from the accelerator I could feel the car slip. The engine light came on and the codes 0700 and 0888 we...
i have a check engine light on and now a gas-like smell in the interior of the car. however, i have had bad experiences with the local dodge dealers and would like to go to another mechanic. the local mechanics sugg...
if the starter goes out can you hear the fuel pump when it turns on and off
I replaced plugs wires, injector #5 and fuel injector wiring harness still receiving codes and shuts off at idle the codes were P0305, P0205 Now its P106 and still P0205 P0305 is gone
I'm giving my 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan with 192,000 miles to charity, but would like to keep the overhead console with trip computer and put it in my newer 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SE that doesn't have the trip comput...
Check engine light on, says to replace gas cap, did that.. 1300 miles later, check engine light came on again, says to replace gas cap ??? any suggestions ??
Hello, I just had my fuel pump replaced,(fuel tank lowered). 20 miles later now I have an p0455 code. Do you think its related. Thanks, Frank
I need to locate where the 2 speedometer sensors are so I can change them out. My speedometer quit working.
Clicking sound near the battery and maybe in the black box beside the battery
where is the fuel filter at
when I use my ac the passenger side floorboard gets a lot of water in it. I know an ac is suppose to leak water under the passenger side on the ground which it does , but why is it leaking inside