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started to putter and come to a stop ..we tried to retsart the van but it only failed to start ..checked the spark plugs coulnt tell if they were sparking due to daylight..today went back to try to start again(it has ...
2002 Dodge Caravan Grand ,V6 3.3L VIN # 1B4GP44362B615629, after I replaced starter, now engine dies seconds after starting. Took van to a dealer, the DYNO test said bad crank sensor .Dealer said 600 $ to replace s...
the truck keep running hot
It try's to start if you play with the gas pedal and I put a new crank and camshaft sensor in and that did not help thanks for your help if you can
air automatically turns on when fan is started. It does so even when air was turned off before it was started.
my van has just over 100,ooo miles and seems
code on was p1455 ev. large leck still no power on das das light works everthing works but no das and trun lights head lights work high beam works wiper works starts up runs good
found one clamp broke
we have changed relay switches in the fuse box and this does not help. It seems to start after about ten minutes.