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heater blower moter only works in the high position same with air cond. how do i fix it
My doors locks will not open/close, radio or CD have no power and when I turn the ignition On all the needles on my gades go from Zero to Max and return to Zero in about 5 seconds then dim before coming back on.
just driving down the road, the lights have went off twice now. any ideas what could cause this?
Are the dash lights in series or parallel?
My 2002 DODGE CARAVAN GRAND SPORT,just all of a sudden stopped runnnig....I cranked IT up, it ran for a few seconds,cut off and did not start back up sense....Need Help,What is My Problem....THANK YOU....
I was in a crash where the other driver claims I was not wearing my seat belt. I absolutely was, and both air bags imploded. Are the two systems interconnected?
I had an oil change done 2 weeks ago, now I have a leak around the oil filter. I took it back to the place who did the oil change and they say it is leaking around the oil cooler and they would have to replace it at a...
I have replaced the brake lines, calipers, and pads, and yet the brakes keep sticking after a few stop lights. The brakes heat up and then its unable to drive for about 30 min and then they will release. Iwas wonder...
what is the order or arrangement for the ignition wires on this model 3.3L
Is there something I can do myself to correct this? What do you estimate it should cost if I have to have it done?
Recently went to go out and my 2002 dodge grand caravan sport heater did not work it is blowing cold air on any setting, but the temperature gauge is registering at the halfway mark.. any ideas what I can do to fix th...
I replaced clock spring which solved the airbag issue but cruise control still does not work. Any ideas/possible solutions would be much appreciated.
My Caravan 01 it has a problem with heat system,just work with right side ,left side (passenger side) is cold always
Fan is stuck on 1 position somewhere around the mid to high point. Cannot turn off either. Any suggestions? Knob rotates, but no change in blower.
My 02 grand caravan heats up fine and the temp gauge moves up normally but as soon as I start to drive, the air from the blower cools down and the temperature gauge need drops back to cold. it takes a few minutes to c...