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we bought the van at a car lot. after having it for 2 days we realized that when the van is first started and cool it would shift fine. but once it warmed up it wouldn't shift properly. we would be driving 40 mph and ...
My high milage (195,000) Grand Caravan Sport runs great but now I have an abs light, no cruise control and no horn. No codes come up on normal obd2 but my innova shows abs code 004. I can clear the code and the horn w...
I would like to know what sensors are?? and how to test?? thanks
changed relay and resistor, blower works with direct DC. need to check control switch
installed a used ecm after original one was shorted out after transmission was installed and now the van doesnt even turn engine over.tried to write vin in with genisys evo but it said a valid vin already excist and c...
All other gages working fine. What could be the cause for this?
Took it to the mechanic and he couldn't find anything wrong told me to put some fuel treatment in so I did. It didn't help. Took it to Autozone they put it on the computer and said that it showed something about a f...
l put new clutches ,steels orings,seals and shift in a caravan 2002 3.3 v6 41te trans shifts fair cold when warme up it slips I think the shift kit is the problem whats your opinion
2002 caravan, with both controls on heat, passenger heat works fine. Driver’s side either works or it doesn’t.
I hit the front side passenger side tire and It must of knock off the steering because m steering wheel can turn completely around..
Thought belt was loose, but it's tight. Autozone recommended spraying the pulleys with oil. Did not work. Noise is high pitch squeal.