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We have an estimate for approx $1400.00 with "cylinder head machining". Should these be new heads?
Very near the oil pressure sending unit.
the serpentine belt keeps falling off every time it rains
divorce back from front heater
I lost powersteering, and it wouldn't take gas. I stopped turned the ignition off and it started right back up and hasn't done it since. What could this be?
neither remote key or manual latch engages or disengages on rear lift gate. at first it would not open either with remote key or by manually pulling on latch. now can't close gate because latch in in closed position....
The car never lost power, I reset the Code. It has not came on. But the lights still Flicker and the Guages go nuts. This occurs everytime we drive. Also the beep like the seat belt was of every once in awhile.
also, ignition off,wipers come on for about a minute
I've been noticing a creaking sound while turning, at slow speeds, when the outside temperature is above about 60 degrees. In the mornings when it's cooler I have no problem. I've had the outer tie rod ends replace...
transmission fluid leaks contantly. was told to replace gasket by one repair and another said it was just a couple of loose bolts or screw. after the car sitting for 5 days, i lost use of gears. the car rolled in r...
heater will not go to defrost and stays cold on passenger side and rear vents blow cold air as well
Hello ! could you tell me where my map sensor is located on my engine Thanks !