The vehicle check engine light is on. The vehicle frequently hesitates when you push on the gas. I want to know how do you check a governor solenoid, governor pressure sensor or the Throttle Position Sensor?

my vehicle is actually a dodge ram 1500 2012 it just didnt give me that option to pick . im pretty positive it has nothing to do with the motors and recalibrating. i took apart my instrument cluster to do something so i took all the needles off. i put them back on and now only my speedometer and my coolant temp gauge work. my tachometer and fuel gauge do not. i think the needles are on wrong but ive tried a bunch of ways to put them on to get them to work and still nothing. the needles dont move at all

It has been getting a little louder and I noticed my tire was starting to cup.

I had the car detailed and when I picked it up that one lamp stayed on. I tried all the buttons, switches and even the battery but when I plug the battery back in, bingo, the lamp comes on. The detail shop has no explanation, I asked them first.