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Are there recalls on 2004 Dodge Durango
Please help, I really need this vehicle up and driving ASAP. It's my wife's and I have kept the filter changes and fluids always clean. There's no burnt smell, bright red in color, no flakes or metallic shavings. I've...
My Car is not accelerating right. I can get the car up to 7-mph on the highway but it bogs out and will drop back down. I had it look at by the dealer and they said fuel injectors. I replaced all 8 of them and it is d...
I also have the problem of water leaking around the cowl area into the engine area. What is the best solution. I can see that some of the molding around the cowl is deteriorated. Should I just have a windshield sho...
My durango just started having a whining noise coming from the rear end. When I press on the gas it gets a little louder but not alot. At idle speed I do not hear the noise. What could this be? It is 2WD.
the car has 50,000 miles parked outside and the only thing is when its parked on an incline it doesnt want to start.but only occasionally not always and is ok when parked on the level which shouldnt matter.
It is only blowing hot air. Dealership says it's an 8 hour job at $150 a hour just for labor, plus $400 in parts
setting the parking brake. Sometimes when shifting to neutral the airbag light comes on with my seatbelt still on. Light doesn't come any other time
I had my throttle body sensor replaced now I need to get PO 129 & PO 700 taken care of. I had a diagnostic done, the dealer is saying fuel pump & another throttle cable. Any1 know?
In heavy rain it will stall right out, coils have been changed what else