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already replaced starter usually starts after it starts first time but after a hour or two does same thing
service 4 x 4 light on dash is on
The first thing that happens is the interior lights start to flash when I open the door then the fob quits working, service 4x4 lite comes on, the intermittent wipers won't work and head lights won't work. If i ta...
This issue happens whenever I get to a certain speed or I have to kind of ride my brakes because of rush hour traffic.
happens when you tilt the steering wheel. have had this checked several times and even had the steering column replaced. problem is as bad as ever. any ideas???
I checked both fuse boxes (left of console and under hood). No blown fuses.
Is there a perminant fix for the failure of these parts, or is this just something I have to live with as long as I own this car I have replaceed all of these parts at least twice in the last year.
When I crank it up I see smoke and when i am driving i see white smoke.. Its not all the time just sometimes
When trans shifts into drive it shudders badly,then slips all the time in drive wont pull,if u use 1st or 2nd id will drive ok but in drive when it tries to goe in the shudder happens then slips codes P0700,P0733,P07...
the power outlet stop working