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i think my car is runnig to rich it will not stayrunning on a ideal it runs ruff
it wont start unless i hold the gas peddle to the floor
Battery gauge goes from Low to High then check gauge light comes on. Lights are dimming some but no problem with car starting. Dodge Durango SXT 2002 V8. Could this be a bad battery?
I've been into the fuse box at left end of dashboard - but where is the one under the hood at?
I currently have it taped shut but it still slowly falls down - have to lift by hand and slide up into place. Is there an easy way to get into the door panel to resolve inside issue?
I checked the fuse, it's good. I checked the bulbs and they are fine because all other functions work. I then replaced the brake light switch (twice) because I was convinced that was the issue. I will check the contin...
doors try to lock every second runs down battery
Truck died while driving, has power everywhere except gauges do not work. Now alarm wont shut off with clicker???
I had a heater hose go out which caused my Durango to overheat. I stopped it immediately, repaired the problem and went on my way. I noticed shortly after that there was a couple times I accelerated and it tried to st...
recommended replacement for shocks and struts in mileage.
I turn the handle to raise it back up and now it just spins. How do I fix this?
Passenger side windshield wiper froze to window, did not notice. Drivers wiper cycled once before I turned switch off. Drivers side works fine, but passenger side wiper just twitches now. Drivers side electric windo...
everything works with the key in the on position, but when it is in the off,nothing works.
but not all the time and it back fires if i hold the gas down but will get going if i pump the gas to get up to speed....any idea what this could be?