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Also, is it dangerous for the engine to drive around with this code? How much is it to fix/replace it?
my check engine light is on had it checked computer said needed new gas cap; replaced it three times once with Oreily, one from 2002 Durango at savalge yard, and a new cap from Dodge; still on . Checked again with...
when tuck wabought theac only bew on high,no low or medium and theheat was the same way.
first start up in the morning the valves clatter for 1 or 2 seconds
When I crank it up I see smoke and when i am driving i see white smoke.. Its not all the time just sometimes
truck runs great when im driving down the road but as soon as come to a stop it runs real rough and stalls? it says p0440 emissions malfuction any ideas ?
No information in owners manual about red security light.
The rear heat/AC fan,motor, etc working great. The front is not responding to any combination of fan and selection like defrost/vent/foot well, etc. Before it stopped working, I noticed I drove a little while before t...
The break caliber locked up and after they "fixed" that the 4wd light cam eon they say its the tansfer case control module. But is the control module a seperate piece then the tarnsfer case, ive read places that it co...
heater would't comm on to warm car
when i am driving and giving the car gas it is fine but when i stop pressing the gas and i am just cruising i feel a hard jerk, sometimes harder then other times, any ideas what this could be? i was thinking maybe tra...
all of my running lights turn signals tail lights work but when i push the brakes i get no brake lights. the fuses and bulbs are all fine. what am i missing ?
Had a headligfht replaced last fall, and they found moisture in tthe lens housing. They drilled a hole to drain out any water, but the bulb has burnt out again. You can see moisture on the inside of the lens. Have not...
the gas needle wont move