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hello i need hepl timing my engine recently my timing chain broke but i didnt know. I tried to start it up again but wouldnt start then i realized wat had hapened now i need help timing it beacuse when i had tried to ...
does anyone know if the bolt on the crankshaft pulley is reverse thread or normal thread
i am triyng to change my timing chain on a 98 durango 5.2 but i dont know how i already removed water pump and moved A/C and alternator out of the way
replaced computer in truck-replaced fuel pump-replaced map. Why does it still shut off while driving on highway or town?
My durango runs fine on the highway but tends to stall at near idle speeds (<10 mph). Ive had the plugs and wires replaced but it did not solve the problem. Any insight?
What causes teh brakes to "grab" when they are wet?
What is the cost of replacing the serpentine adjusting pully?
which is the brake fuse. there is no name for taillights or brakes on the box?