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The vehicle squeaks when driven over bumps. The steering is a bit loose as well. Not sure if they are coorelated...
A new radiator so i checked the antifreeze first and its brown so I put a new radiator in it flushed the system put a new water pump and a new thermostat in it and now it blows a hole in the 4 inch hose that runs from...
I locked my brakes trying to avoid an animal on slick roads and jumped a ditch then slid for about 100 yards. Feels like it sits lower and it seems like only the front passenger was affected..
it starts up fine at first and won't start again for a while
All I know is its in the rear axl
After the engine runes for 5 minutes the oil pressure fails and the check guages light comes on
I replaced the pcm and resolved a whole mess of problematic symtoms,,,now my check engine light is on again and after my durango warms up the rpm will sputter and surge within a 100-150 rpm radius....when i turn on th...
Passneger side locks switch now doesnt work did yesterday. doesn;t seen to be a fuse. no lights on drivers panel was on side panel front door. Help need asap, main transportation a nd use windows all the time. Horn di...
My rear door lock will not engage. I tried the switch in the truck as well as the remote. I can hear the mechanism in the door do something when I try to lock it but I can still lift the handle and open the door. M...
from driver tire but didnt see once i started drivin , got home and parked and smelled burnin smell and like behind tire was real red and hot looking.. what is it???
Just need a good mechanic for tune-ups, etc.
I have lost reverse...I am pretty sure it is a 5.2 but how do i check to be certain
inside cabin will not warm up, hear vents opening, blower blowing, motor running, just enough warmth to clear snow/ice from window after 15-20 minutes of running