dodge diesel having hard time to start and also quits @lights. on 1995 Dodge Ram Van 3500

after my truck has sat for a while it starts hard and then runs badly and then quits as if it is starving for fuel and then it is hard to start again. what do you think is the problem?

Check the idle air control Valve
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Has the diesel fuel filter ever been changed?
Are you sure this diesel is in a van because I can't find a diesel engine in a van? but a 1995 ram pickup has a transfer pump, I have a 1998 ram diesel pickup and the electric pump is located under the cab
yes it has. is there more than one filter
Check the fuel heater electrical connection. If the prongs of the connector are wet with fuel, it needs to be replaced. The melted plastic around the connector lets just enough air in the fuel line to be a problem. Don't buy this part from dodge, order the fleetguard part from an international dealer, you'll save about 80%. Only the heater element will need to be replaced, dodge will sell you the whole mounting bracket. I have had to replace this 2 times on my pickup.