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Severe loss of power, with back fire thru carb and exaust, until it dies. Engine will restart immediately. After warm up, it runs fine with the exception that it dies (withfrequency) upon deceleration for a stop>
It happens after truck has run for about 5 minutes No codes
machanic checked fuel pressure good my viper alarm wouldnt shut off so he disconected still had problem factory alarm is still hooked up with viper alarm he said computer is good its not giving no code and bbefore tha...
When I put it in reverse it stalled.I got it started but acts doggy like it wants to stall at lights. It also seems to not idle correctly when sitting in a drive thru.
the ac clutch on engages intermittently about 2 to 3 seconds between engagements, also only blow hot air. what might be the problem. 2000 dodge Dakota 3.9L
i bought the seal kit for my 2000 dodge dakotas rack and the seal kit did not come with the instructions for it.so i need an exploded veiw of the rack
When the truck is first started in the mornings, the rpm's initially go up to 2000 rpm's then slowly decreases. Also, sometimes when I stop for a red light, the engine rpm's increase to approx. 1200 and then decrease...
The one head is cracked. How much should it cost to replace the head and the mechanic work.
It seems to be at indescriminate time tha A/C compressor stops. if you shut it off or park the truck for a while it starts working again. When it stops there is no power to the clutch. I was told there are 3 pressure ...
2000 Dakota crew cab 5 speed manual trans. My shift lever came off at the transmission. What do I need to do to fix it?