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How much should it cost to change/replace the spark plugs? Is their placement so difficult, that lots of effort is put into getting to their location?
I replaced the pump with rebuilt pump replaced the rack and pinion with a rebuilt rack. Replaced the high pressure line. The vechile has 96,000 miles. It has warmed up weather wise and the whining noise has got better.
The one head is cracked. How much should it cost to replace the head and the mechanic work.
it cuts out losses power.not that bad around town,get on the hwy. 50mp 0r higher, it can get bad.is this something i can do or i need to pay someone?and how do check this
What size flare wrench do I need to tighten the power steering hose to the gear assembly
This just started last night, truck started very weak and died as soon as I let off gas pedal truck dies. I did this over and over, finally said screw it, put it in gear and drove it back home (not letting off gas ped...
My Dakota engine stalls at low speed or when you let up on the gas pedal. The throttle body was cleaned with spray. It helped but didn't cure. Any more suggestions. Thanks
While backing up, my truck suddenly jerked and stop as if I hit another car.. No car in sight..Put the car in drive and it made a clicking noise that lasted just a minute. I put a new transmission in the truck 3 years...
sometimes my tranny shifts eratic but not all the time,it does it when it is warm or cold,when it is given normal or hard throttle.
The engine went to knocking, pinging, and squeaking after the oil pressure needle was bouncing up and down for several days.
mechanic diagnosed that both right & left tie rods need to be replaced on my 2 wheel drive dakota. how can I replace the tie rods?
Engine just stopped like turning off a switch. No spark.
can shift gears when engine is off, cannot shift into any gear when engine is running.
my truck has an acc. lighter plug in socket my lighter works but my acc. plug doesnt work checked fuses and even took off the acc. plug to check for loose wires and found none is there a separate fuse for acc.plug
cleaned battery post and started weak but ran ok but after driving it after a day starts weak and dies off right away ill reved it up and dies when i let it idle