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I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4 and I can't any stickers or markings that say what size the engine is. It is either 4.7L or 5.9L.

I have never filled a radiator in the middle of the hose before.

the ac clutch on engages intermittently about 2 to 3 seconds between engagements, also only blow hot air.
what might be the problem. 2000 dodge Dakota 3.9L

it didnt do nothing for it.

found wheels from 2007dodge dakota will they work on 2000dodge dakota?

i bought the seal kit for my 2000 dodge dakotas rack and the seal kit did not come with the instructions for i need an exploded veiw of the rack

First time, it wasn't as cold as today. Radiator is only 2 years old.

Slight back and forth play in fan on shaft.

42re transmission, i need to know is there is one problem that will cause the three codes to come up. codes are PO753, PO720,and P1763.

also the stereo is making thumping noise

have minimal heat.whatis inlet or outlet hose,water pump or engine block

crank angle sensor has been replaced but did not solve problem

run good when cold

made sure door was opening properly still little heat

where is the neutral safety swich located