It's sputtering when its started or at stop signs

It makes a loud humming noise, any ideas

when its warm it doesn't start engine turn over fine but no start...when i hold down the gas pedal to the floor it sounds like it want to start ...

when it start the truck in the morning it start fine but as soon as it starts to get warm it shuts down...and will not start again, i change crank shaft and cam shaft sensors...ignition coils oil plugs and also the two sensor on the intake manifold top...now i am out of options

I went and pull my 2000 dodge dakota head ... I put it back togather ...it fires up for a couple sec sometime a minute when hot it will not start, when I put the gass pedal to the floor sometime it start I went and change camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor.. Fire is good gas is good also..

Tell me exactly where that is -- in the fuse box? Or not? A diagram or picture available would be helpful.

Coolant leaks from the radiator cap but the temp. never excedes normal operating temp on the gauge. The temp sending unit is new

alt. gage stop working just befor missing, now after restars drive about 1mile and alt. gage stops working again put gas in carb. stars up

What test could be used to test the evaporator

Truck is over heating but not loosing any water. Mainly over heats when going slow or in town what could it be.

When the key is in the on position everything works fine but when I try to start it everything goes black no power whatsoever.when I put the key in the on position everything comes back on.