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I replaced the master cylinder and new brake fluid. No air in brake lines. What do I need to check?
sencor that tells tranny to shift to drive this sencos is located on the side where the shiftin linkage is need too know what that sencor is called its a 8 prong plug
plugs r diff (the 1 that tells it to shift to drive over drive) got a plug for a 99 and wired it up now wont shift out of 2nd there r 8 wires there r 3 that r diff don't wanna guess afraid of blowin the main puter ne...
Need to know how to take out and put back in.
After changing the water pump, truck will not fire. Checked fuel pump, distributor, plugs/wires, coil. Everything is good. Could it be the timing chain?
It is cracked & needs to be replaced.
engin runs good just wont shift out of fourwheel drive
when i push overdrive switch it stay in overdrive anybody had this problem
idles gauge to zero,check engine lt comes on. 1. how to install a oil gauge? 2. how to change the oil pump?screen could be clogged?truck had belonged to in-laws,kept poor maintenance! even after it warms up,needle bou...