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It will start up,drive half a mile then stalls,starts again,then stalls.
already have new plugs,wires,rotor button and cap.what can it be
do the timimg marks on the gears face each other?
HC emissions at 15 mph meas 81 and at 25 meas36. Vac leaks solved so co is good now. Currrently am changing to Shell gas instead of Arco. Will run it for a while hoping for change. I need to pass smog.
I took the air filter off and the truck started right up. I put it back on, it runs for a while and then it cuts off. I take the air filter off, and it turns right on. The filter, and my plugs are new. Can I get some ...
I have to change the head gaskets and need all the torque specs for the heads, valve covers, and all other pertinent parts