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tranny is newly rebuilt new valve body , new torque converter, new clutches seals fluid , filters ect. shifts fine for a while then shifts down low to second then acts like your running out of fluid but fluid is full
I have intermittent on/off issues with my headlights
The heater and A/C both work but the switch for the blower quit working.
for about 3mi down the road, then just lost power and won't restart. Timing lines up I have fire and fuel. No codes in system. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I already checked the fuse box and the fuse to it is just fine.
Just wanted to replace SMALL LEAK
this is my second truck same ,the first 2wd did the same when i sold it years ago.
In park, neutral or low idel while in gear, makes a loose noise. When driving, when more torque is required, it wants to kick back or klanking noises start occuring. Any Ideas
I disconnected one heater hose at a time flow is good going to the heater core but return flow is weak. Do heater cores fail this way? It has usually been my experience that they develop a leak when they fail. Do they...
It's a 4x4 131 wheel base extended cab. need the front hangers THANK'S FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME.
even in cold weather changed thermostat (didn't help). fan kicks on within 20 to 30 seconds after start-up... any ideas?
All of the other lights that are controlled by the light switch on the truck work. I checked the circuits with a probe and showed either a ground or positive signature. The fuses checked out and the bulbs show no brok...