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My dim headlights wont work when you hold the dimmer switch the brigt lights will work but half to hold on have replaced light switch did fix
I have a 94 Dakota that will not pass the emissions test in my state. The NOx is way too high. The exhaust has been replaced. The EGR valve is new. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I read that the 1993 3.9L had 220 hp & the 1994 3.9L has 175 hp they said they changed the exhaust manifolds & that maid the diffrence (94)was thicker less flow is that true? how can I boost the power in the truck(94)...
I checked all fuses and examined wiring under the hood. All OK. Any suggestions
power steering pump good,no leaks, sluggish to almost not there at low idle. could it be a sensor
How to replace fan blower motor??
My truck stalls sometimes when taking off from a start. Mostly when taking off on a slight hill. Any ideas?
we took the crankshaft position plate off the replace freezer plugs and now it will not run at right speed
where is the push rod on a 94 dodge dakota v6
Truck seems ok in cool weather, live in dallas, everyday wake up to go to work sometimes overheats, seems to not have any problems when driving short distances, overheats in stop and go traffic, driving long distances...
when engene is on sater drips out from a freeze plug and continues to drip after the car is turn off
when i start the truck water starst driping from one of the freeze plugs and when i shut the motor water continues to leak from the freeze plug
the problem is very spiratic. some times a couple times a week. some times not for a couple months. no common denominator such as rain snow or heat. the problem is it will just die and not start for a couple hours. an...
I replaced my Transmission & now my truck will not start how do i know if crank sensor is hook back up right ? or if crank sensor is bad !!!!!!!