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Was driving truck it just cut know it won't start know I have no fire to the plugs it is a87
I have no problem getting an initial seal but only lasts 1 1/2 to 2 years. Doesn't seem to matter if I use just a paper gasket or gasket and sealant? I am assuming the issue is the aluminum cover & cast iron block e...
i have parts but would like a manual to repair
1989 Dakota Sport V6, manual trans. No fuel from injectors, have spark to plugs, Truck has old fuel in the tank from sitting for 10 years so I rigged a container with new fuel pump and fresh gas straight to throttle ...
The problem occurs when putting it into drive but wont shift after that. The fluid is full and i got no signs of any leaks.
ones, i was told it should read about 300 millivolts at idle and 800 millivolts at higher rpms.
first i have 1989 Dodge Durango, but your fields don't allow for that catagory, sorry. about a week ago i had a problem with fuel leaking like a fountain over my engine. i took to repair shop, they said oring needs ...
i checked the alternator and it is in good condition, i also got a brand new battery but the alternator does not hold power, truck starts and all but if i run it the power will drain
1990 dodge dakota steering diagramor pic put together wrong no start or left blinker help and h0w and what goes where
a pic or diagram of colum and how things go together please help my email is brentorcaroldine@yahoo.com thanks i only make 400 a month so have 2 figure out
it goes in gear the light comes on