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I have a 3.9L V6. that develops a coolant leak between the aluminum timing chain cover and the iron block. I can get it sealed up with PERMATEX silicone sealants & a new gasket but the leak reappears after about 12 to...
stalls out when pressing accelerator, yet when clutch is in can rev up the engine. Changed fuel filters.
Have injector pulse. Have coil spark.gas pressure. New injecters When gas isaplied directly it starts but dies, help.
I have a 1988 dakota 2wd 3.9l v6 and i went to check tranny fluid no dipstick or tube so i bought one now cant seem to find where it go into tranny pan!
The truck sat for 10 years outside, gas tank was close to empty. Installed a battery, replaced clogged air filter with new air filter, added two gallons fresh gas to tank, removed the return line from throttle body a...
i can get the shift lever into reverse but when i go to release the clutch it grinds. i would like to know if there is a way to fix this without buying a new one.
vacuum leaks and it chugs like it has bad gas. it does run a little better after its warmed up. whats wrong?
I'm trying to buy this truck. I drove it it runs good got ac n radio but my dad says the smog pumps going out, where is it how expensive is it to fix.
Ive replaced my o2 sensor, map sensor, tp sensor, tp motor, plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor. My truck starts,and runs with a high idle and goes down pretty fast, but after it warms up, it will stall. If I turn my...