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Had same problem less than 2 years ago ,put new battery ,put 2 new alts ,then they found short in wire from battery to alt,
We have never had any problems with it acting up. Yesterday I drove about 5 min, went for a walk then 30 min later it would not start. It barley turns over. I have all electrical working. I have had the battery tested...
My car is an automatic 2008 dodge charger
Rear suspension makes a knocking sound when braking going downhill
put in a hole can of refrigerant and pressrue has not changed.
car was running warm by gauges for approximately 3 weeks overheated all the way at idle one day then went back to normal (in the middle of hot and cold) after running a few minutes 20 at most coolant in overflow shoo...
My 2008 Dodge Charger shuts off on me after about 20 minutes of driving when I slow down. Example: At a stop light. No lights turn on. I put the car back in park and I start it back up with no problem, but when I star...