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you can hear the motor working but the window won't go down. could it possibly be off track?
I keep getting a misfire on cylinder 6 on my 2008 dodge charger and it keeps puttin when i stop or the car is just running. No one can seem to tell me whats really wrong. It started right after i had my timing replaced.
My Charger Have Been Being Funny In Limp Mode & i dont wannt drop in another tranny for $700+ but i need help..!
my car will not go out of park how do i start it to get it to the dodge dealership
Abs sensor lights up when left turn signal returns
my car its not accelerating or responding as it should it stalls and RPM Are at 1300 when it usually are at 500RPM. any suggestions what the problem might be? it has 101, 152 miles on it is a 2008 3.5 dodge
Would it be safe to drive from Jupiter FL to Atlantic City NJ and back with this small leak?
It then starts again and goes. code P1004, code P2138, code P2122. thunder bolt comes on then you have to stop and turn ignition off then start again
Have to pull over and turn ignition off then restart again. lightning bolt comes on with this happens. it has also been surging.
morning time while am driving the Slip indicator suddenly on and engine switch off , i have to stop the car and restart the car , then it become ok , everyday day same