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the van had stopped running for no reason put new fuel pump and new plugs van ran for a week and stopped again once it was started again it would die when put in gear
I removed the shock absorber door lifters and can see that the left hinge is the culprit. However, it doesn't appear to be "loose" but when the (now very heavy) door is fully down, the left side at the top is an inch ...
just got this van,no owners manuel, where is the fuse box to see if a fuse is blown, an what elese should i be looking at.THANKS
When I first start off in the morning it shifts fine, but after several miles, I guess when it warms up, it gets stuck in 1st gear? Recently I had to disconnect the battery terminal due to a stuck alarm system, and I ...
When my Dodge Caravan has the AuotLink plugged in, it displays x's and green checkmarks. Only a couple of lights had a red x on it, the HRT
The door used to lock n unlock before. We get the van n the privies owner said the lock up the van n ever since It won't unlock. What can We due about It? We need to know where the fues is,?
The belt is completely out as far as it will go and does not retract. This is the seat next to the sliding door on the passenger side.
im trying to see how much i get mpg, how far distance i can go before i run out of gas,etc,etc
low oil pressure light while driving. starts but has grinding noise
After popping it seemed to be out of gear i pulled over and it would not move again. 1 week later I replaced filter and fluid and now drive and other forward gears work a little but no reverse and it makes a clicking ...
It is not working at all times. Was working fine and one day when I backed it out of the garage it wasn't working.The vehicle only has 79,000 miles on it.
speedometer and tachometer inop
my dash gauges come on in the morning but goes off and stays off when i turn off the key