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Can't find fuse box interior
changed pads and rollters both sides and caliper drivers side bleeded brakes. no leaks, brake light came on
this problem just happen has been boosted before with no problem
How do you check timing on a 2003 3.3L Dodge Caravan?
getting three codes p0888, p0841 and p0700, car whines instead of shifting while driving
when the vehicle is turned off the passenger lights will flash on and off. I fished the light switch thinking that would solve this issue.
When driiving the van will have a power surge. Around 40 to 50 mph. The dash board lights will also flash, and when turned off the passenger lights (front and back )u flash
window will not go up or down. driver side OK
used a MAC smoke injector and can't find leak. replaced hoses and still getting code up to two weeks after I clear code
I was driving down the road, lost power, plenty of juice, radio-headlight all working. Restarted once, died, the next morning it restarted once, I shut it off, would not restart. Making a click (only 1) and at low ton...
I am concerned about the check engine light whats causing it to come on again after repair.