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Wiring harness was melted but I repaired that. the wire doing to injector 2 dous not flash and is constant power. All others flash
Van does these things more so when it rains or is cold outside. on normal days i'm good for several days. Speedometer goes to 0 and then back to normal. Shift indication goes from highlighting D to all. Transaxle shif...
I was trying to buy a 2002 Dodge Caravan from a family friend for $1000, but saw an Engine Check light on. When I try to get an electronic diagnosis, I found out that the car had a P0731-OBD II & P0720 Trouble Codes. ...
Everything else is perfect with trans no codes or lites on it
i have changed the spark plugs, wires, timing belt, battery and still same problem
The car seems to be driving well so far for two days now
The leak seems just behind front tires in the middle.
the top cig charger not working and half of lights where the speedometer is are off too. Where do I check them I have some fuses
When using a/c there is water leaking under the front and rear, quite a bit is there something wrong or is it normal.
not running or shifting correctly
Replaced my ac compressor and changed the filter dryer that I bought from Napa Auto Parts and can't seem to get the o rings to go in properly and then causing a leak. Can anyone help me with where the o rings need to ...
but the pump won't start due to low coolant. There should be a jumper somewhere, but can't find it.
Its been so long since I changed plugs ang wires on my van so today van was bogging out and hesitating so I bought I new set of wires and plug, plugs gapped at .050 but after changing out the wires and plugs but know ...