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I had my car repaired and I had to reset the readings in order to pass a Nevada Smog check. The EGR will not complete re-setting and I have driving miles on the car in concert with the specs on the website and it sti...
I have replaced the radiator and thermostat. Cannot get any heat because coolant will not flow through the system. Tried back flushing with no problems, replaced the radiator cap, turned car, and heat on. Took a while...
what type coolant for 2001 v6 3.3l engine?
Transmission has neutral, park and 3rd gear only! Does not change gears...
i had that engine noise and metal in oil pan
It feels like I have no power steering, but only after the first few left turns after starting my car. It feels like a knot or blockage, and there is a noise and steering returns to normal. It can be dangerous since...
How should I go about getting this diagnosed & repaired without getting taken advantage of. Code P0740
put new fuel pump in it but now there is no juice going to fuel pump. it has spark from the spark plugs. we can hear the pump come on when key is turn on but not started.
My dodge carevan will not start after engine has been replaced
I need a right ABS sensor. I was told the job, including labor would be $200+ That seems high.
Check engine light is on an I have to pass state inspection, i was told I need to replace oil pan, front and back vale cover gaskets x 2, and replace leak detection pump based on a smoke test and an engine diagnostic ...
p0455 code....have tightened the gas cap and replaced 3 weeks ago prior to the p0455.
The heat and A/C work fine. When I turn the knob to set adjust the heat/AC from low to medium, nothing comes out. When I set the speed to "high/full blast" everything works perfectly. How can I repair this problem?