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I've got a 2000 Dodge Caravan 3.0 liter that cranks but won't start. Mine has a distributor. I understand later models have coil packs instead. No spark, replaced ASD relay (cracked) didn't help. New distributor cost ...
but it does turn over just fine but wont catch and fire up unless I push it into the shop and warm it up. could it be a crank position sensor
2000 dodge caravan sport. power door lock drivers side sliding door clicks when driving. interior lights also flash. when i engage the power door locks from drivers door, all locks will lock except for drivers door. ...
are they removed the same way freeze plugs are removed?
they worked for a couple of days then they stopped again. Help
My other shifter cable is broke,i can see it is broke,i need to know how to change it,i dont have money to take to shop
rear transfer box has broken gears and a replacement may be available from a few other years. What years will work and which ones don't?
2000 dodge awd caravan 3.8l engine.tran doesnot shift when goes uphills and stays on until turns off engine for 2 mins and restart. it backs to normal. What is the problem?