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I replaced master cylinder and bleed brakes. seems to have some brakes with the engine not running but when you start it no brakes at all
are turning slightly or running 55 mph or more. These tires came from a tire center.
top one to motor cannot find where to hook up the other one. hose is about 3/8 inside also there is a hose coming out the fire wall it has been cut do not know where it goes
2 hoses on crankcase bottom one seems to go no where
heater blows cold air
turn the key and the starter relay under hood hums everytime you try to start,has power but will not crank the starter
i was told to replace the freeze plugs but have no idea where they are and which ones to start with. i have refilled radiator a few times since i noticed this problem.
what else do I need to remove besides the balancer. Do you have a film or photo
dip stick broke off in tube how hard is it to remove tube
what would cause a shimmy 35 & 50 mph
trying to go on internet and help boyfriend...he is trying to relieve tension on 1995 dodge caravan 3.0 v6.....money very tight trying to fix on own
Van makes clicking noise when driving @ highway speeds, and then mysteriously dissappears, and when you listen for it again; you can't hear it, and the clicking noise happens periodically!
there is no label to tell which fuse is for what
i have changed all componts to my brakes but the brake booster and can not build brake pressure what could be wrong