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When it comes on I lose speed and when I stop and pull out my car jerks
It starts & drives okay. Just trying to avoid bigger problems.
wife says she heard a sound like a pencil in a fan under the dash. now she has no heat or defroster, just blows cold air.
The AC/heater fan stopped working in my Caliber. My mechanic told me that the "Hvac air head control unit" needs to be replaced. I tried looking up the part on-line and cannot find it.
Car runs with a rough idle an lacks power cuts off when I let off the gas
when I put it in drive I have to jiggle it towards my right of the shifter then it has a jar to the car and takes off
my car only has 44k on it ang the water pump is leaking has anyone else had this problem with so little km?
after a while light went off and car ran fine, but MIL light is still on, what do i do?
There doesn't seem to be a way to keep the tethered cap on the door while pumping gas. Odd... is it suppose to just hang there and scuff the paint? Put gas in for the first time and was a bit discouraged with this sit...