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Hi on my dash is saying the rear gete is open however it isnt . has anybody got any suggestions to fix it this.
I replaced the manifold runner control actuator, checked the runner flaps and they move freely. Cleared the code and stayed off for 2 months and now is back.
the car wont stay running. before it wouldnt start put new battery it was ok then the rpm went all the way down and wont run change the fuel pump and it wont stay running this is a real mechanic doing the work
I can't drive the hwy any more than 40 minutes before the RPM's race and the car stalls out. I have to pull over where ever I am and wait. It acts as if it's over heating (the temp. gauge comes on) so I have to pull o...
I have to pull over. All power is lost it may run about 10 -15 miles per hour if that. Now the light is staying on all the time and I can't drive it. I really can't afford to send it to the shop as I only get to work ...
The is no noise if the car is in park. The air is cold so it's not needing refridgerant. What is needed?
When I spray my rear washer fluid it sounds like it is spraying under my passenger side dashboard and not coming out the back. How do I get to the hose under the dash?
When I try to spray windshield washer fluid to clean my rear window, it sprays but not on the rear window. When I open my hatchback, there is fluid running down the right side of my hatchback. I removed the sprayer ye...
Car has about 73000 miles on it and has not been abused
had it checked at auto zone.codes 661 and 662 show for the ECM
Took my 09 Dodge Caliber in for 'winter check' 2 days ago - told the rear suspension dampers leaking & need replacing (cost £330), didn't have time & said I'd return car for 60k service (currently 58.5k) and they said...