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Hello, The engine on my 1997 Avenger just started to run rough but only when it warms up. When the engine is cold it runs fine. The car has 138,000 miles on it and regular maintenance has been done on the car. I w...
When it does end up sliding into gear it is really hard
it doesn't fire and fuel pump don't come on. the dakota i tried every thing on it. finally give up and took it to another garage. he just replaced wiring untill it started running. any body got any input!
stock ones keep splitting and im tired of replacing them but i can only find ones for eclipses are they swappable????
My check engine light is on my dash, and my car stalls out if I'm driving more than 30min. I got a code for small evap leek, and I cant find the vapor can to trace the hoses. any help or suggestions?
car wants to cut out or stall when i press gas pedal. i was told its the sparkplus & wires need new. but it acts like its not gettin fuel. replced fuel pump,filter,fuel relay dist.cap/rotor.no check lite,no codes
the fuel delivery system is new. fuel pump,filter,relay. new distributer cap & rotor also
replaced distributer and crank position sensor still no fire any ideas
starter is out have it onhooked but cant get out .2 bolts on manifold ?
how do you clean a IAC valve on a 1997 dodge avenger 2.5L v6
my 1997 dodge avenger runs fine but when i come to a stop or the rpms drop low the car will stall i have changed the fuel filter,fuel pressure regulator, and sparkplugs and wires but still am having the same problem. ...
recently purchased a 1997 Dodge Avenger (used)...I just noticed that apparently the airbag has deploded and the housing capartment had ben glued back with some substance, and is now starting to become unglued!..I don'...