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3871 S Valley View Blvd suite 15, Las Vegas, NV 89103

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Mon - Fri:8:00am to 6:00pm

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A Factory Trained Master certified technician with 20+ years working at Mercedes-Benz Dealers.

Complete Bumper to Bumper Service

-Engine Repair-

-Hydraulic and Airmatic Suspensions-

-Electrical and Sound Systems-

-Transmission Rebuild or Repair-

I have most specialty parts and hard to get parts in inventory... so the all too common long-wait to get rare parts, is usually cut down to No Wait!

Company History
This company have been created to cut cost of repairs with most advanced Mercedes-Benz tools, diagnosis tools and equipments, on a clean environment.

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AC/Heating Alignment Check Engine Light Collision Repair & Paint
Diagnosis Hybrid/Electric Oil Change & Lube Scheduled Maintenance
Service & Repair Timing Belts Transmission Repair Upholstery


AAA Member Discount Early Bird Dropoff Extended/Evening Hours Heated Waiting Room
Open Saturday Parts/Accessories Se Habla Espanol Service Guarantee
Towing Warranty Accepted Wireless Internet

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Doctor Benz Inc
August 27, 2013

I was bringing a 1979 240D from LA to DC that was sitting for 13 years. I had a shop in LA do some basics but the car was overheating on the way to Las Vegas. I showed up on Marco s doorstep first thing in the morning and he dropped everything he was working on and took a look at my issue. Took a few minutes to tell me that it was a clogged radiator. I pulled a good radiator from a local junk yard and on the way back the brakes went out. Marco told me the master cylinder failed and the brake lines in the rear were leaking. Told me the parts would not come in until the morning. Brought the car back in the morning and he fixed the master cylinder and the A/C for a nice rest of the trip. Not a single issue after leaving the Doctor Benz! A big thanks to Marco and crew!

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Doctor Benz Inc
December 05, 2012

Dr. Benz is the BEST...!!
Marcos,the owner, is really a great mechanic. He was very kind, knowledgeable and fair.
Marcos diagnosed the problem and had my Mercedes Benz 300E back on the road the same day. I highly recommend Dr. Benz to anyone looking for an HONEST Mercedes Benz mechanic...
Also Dr. Benz has a very friendly staff helping him. Sol and Rafi make it a pleasurable experience while visiting Dr. Benz..
Kindest regards,
- a satisfied customer-
John Isabeau
Isabeau Visage Skin Care Products

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Doctor Benz Inc
November 11, 2012

I can't wait to bring my 300 3.0 MB to Marcos tomorrow..ALL the reviews sound fantastic...
Gonna find out soon enough if Marcos is the man..
Thanks for the reviews...they help when trying to decide...
Isabeau Visage

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Doctor Benz Inc
March 17, 2011

My car went to another shop for repair and I was concerned about being over charged. I called Marco to see what he would charge and I was quoted little less. He advised that since I had my car towed to the other shop and instead of having towed again and since they have already ordered the part and done the diagnostics to just let it be.

Although he has not worked ony my vehicle, I was compelled to write this review because Marco took the time out of his busy schedule to explain all the cost, hows, and why's of the repair that were being made by another shop.

No one, and I mean no one will take the time to do this. Although he will not be doing the repairs currently needed. He will have my business in the future. Fair, honest, and compassionate. This guy gets my future business.

Thank you Marco, may God bless you with abundance of business, because you really do care.

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Doctor Benz Inc
March 09, 2011

It's hard to find not just a machanic, but a real person like Marco. He is somebody you can trust. He tells you like it is. He does not make things up just to make some extra dollars. He is consistent. A really pleasant guy to talk to. He is a person I will recommend to friends and family over and over.

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Doctor Benz Inc
September 16, 2010

Marco is absolutely awesome! He tells you like it is, no extra fluff added to make an extra dollar. He follows up with consistent service as he used to work for Mercedes. He also uses OEM parts. Sweet and pleasant guy that I will go back to and recommend to friends over and over.

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Doctor Benz Inc
August 10, 2010

LTC Tyler, Ft Irwin

I recently purchased a CLS 500, in Atlanta GA, and drove cross country to reach my new assignment, along the way my tire sensor indicator light illuminated and stayed on, all my attempts to reset it failed. I quickly attempted to find the nearest MB dealer in order to have the issue resolved. To my dismay, the nearest dealer was 2.5 hours away in Vegas. So, I waited for a trip to Houston the following week to have my car serviced. While in Houston, I contacted every MB dealer in Vegas in order to have my car serviced, no dealer could see me within the 24 hour timeframe that I had to work within upon my return flight to Vegas. I randomly selected Doctor Benz (Marco Dutra). Upon my flight landing in Vegas I immediately started the search for Doctor Ben's shop. MARCO saw and diagnosed my problem within one hour for no charge. I was so impressed with this guy and his sincerity, I had him do a bumper to bumper service which he quickly obliged. He was so quick and professional that I also had him install a Sirius Satellite radio, which I was told by multiple MB dealers that this was an after market add on and either they didn't have the knowledge and or required parts to perform this service minus me incurring a cost of a minimum of 1.5K...Needless to say Marcos performed all the services and satellite radio installation on my car, and all in the same day. In fact it was beyond his normal closing hours and he still took the time to give me a tutorial on some of the shortcuts to functions on my car I never knew existed. I almost can't wait to have my car serviced so he can show me some new features and or add ons. If you're a new Mecerdes Benz owner or veteran, don't be taken fast by MB dealers. Its a must that you contact Doctor Benz (Marco), this guy is the epitome of a trustworthy professional! Keep up the good work Marcos, there certainly should be more people like you in the auto- industry!

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Doctor Benz Inc
August 03, 2010

Marco replaced my fuel filter ,fuel pump, diagnosed the problem at hand and fixed the problem in a hurry. He is An expert at his trade and he explains and shows what the problem is. That is what a excellent mechanic does and he shows that he cares about the customer. Price is fair and I don't feel as if I was ripped off. He actually fixed a problem on my C240 that another company could not fix. I will definelty recommend Dr. Benz to my friends that drive a Mercedes.

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Doctor Benz Inc
July 12, 2010

Just what the Doctor ordered! Thanks Marco!
I recently brought in a "very ill" E Class that was picked up at an auction. A couple of us were aware of the general issues with the vehicle, but the specifics were still under speculation, especially a large electrical problem. I randomly came across DOCTOR BENZ and after looking at his website, (It said: Honest, Certified Master Technician) I decided to give him a call. When I showed up for the appointment to drop the car off, Marco came out to grab the keys. I told him the specifics of the vehicle and he quickly diagnosed and fixed the electrical issue before the car even made it from the parking lot to the garage. I was impressed to say the least. Not only did Marco restore the vehicle fully to how I requested, but he did it with 'High Quality Work at a Fair Price." That type of business is hard to find now days.
If you own a Mercedes and it's time for a checkup, Do yourself a favor and make the appointment with Doctor Benz!

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Doctor Benz Inc
June 28, 2010

Marco has been amazing. The guy knows his stuff, he tells you everything and what to expect. He talks to you with respect, he's always doing the right things to your car instead of going around problems. I have complete trust in him with my Mercedes. I'm pretty lucky to have him as my mechanic. I will always bring my vehicle to his shop! Thanks Marco!

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Doctor Benz Inc
May 30, 2010

This is the best place to have you vehicle repaired, save half of the money I would spent to do at local dealer with same quality. thanks Doc.

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Doctor Benz Inc
April 06, 2010

Some people say.. "You can never find a great and honest auto repair shop." Well I got some news for you! I have found the best/honest shop. The guy Doctorbenz Auto Repair took great care of my car and fixing it. Also great care in my wallet as well! The dealership that I use to always take my car into wanted to charge me an arm and a leg just to get some minor work done. So.. then on my way home from the dealership I happened to drive by DoctorBenz Shop so I decided to stop by and get a second opinon on what the dealer said I needed for my car. Well long story short I didnt need half the stuff that the dealership said I needed, Marco were my wallet saver! Thanks! The car is running great. I will forsure be back the next time I need something done!

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Doctor Benz Inc
March 19, 2010

Doctor Benz is a great Mercedes Benz shop. The owner, Marco, is a very experienced, talented, honest, and trustworthy mechanic. I am a teacher and respiratory therapist in Las Vegas. Marco has replaced the valve cover gaskets, belts, transmission filter, a window regulator, vacuum lines, plugs, and other items on my 1984 500 SEL. Another shop in town specializing in Mercedes said I needed the transmission rebuilt and the power steering gearbox, motor mounts, and transmission mount replaced. This was not true. They said I needed new tires. That shop had my car for 2 days and would not communicate with me. Marco shows me what the car needs when it is on the lift or with the hood up. He explains what is wrong, what needs to be replaced or repaired, and what is ok. I am so glad to find Doctor Benz. Marco, the owner/mechanic, goes over what your car needs with you and does the work himself, not a clueless "service manager" and a wanna be mechanic. If your shop does not come through for you like this, try Doctor Benz. I plan to take my 500 SEL back to Marco for some suspension work. It's money well spent. He changed the vacuum lines and plugs on my car and my gas mileage has increased by 30%. That alone will pay for all the work I need done. Thanks Marco.

Cary Johnson

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