Do you think will have to get a starter since my car still not starting on 1998 Acura TL

Changed fuel pump and still not starting where's the rest button on the car or can someone give me so advice to get it started

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The starter doesn't start the car, it just turns the engine to allow it to start. If your starter is turning the engine, then it is fine. Why did you spend money on something you probably didn't need. We need more information or data to help you with your no start problem. It will need to be diagnosed by a good technician to be able to tell you what's wrong.
The technician told me it was the fuel pump so I brought a brand new fuel pump and filter and got it in n it still won't start so I was just asking if someone knows what I have to do the technician said he don't hear the fuel pump wine whn I turn the car to start it so they think the fuel limelight be bad one that I brought from the store
Did they put it in? Sorry just got your message. Are they working on this car or someone else.
Yes they put it in today n my car still nt startn they said it could b a bad fuel pump they b bak tomar to check it I don't know it's makn me real upset I have to hitch hike a ride bak n forth to,wrk they working on da car
If they know what they are doing, it can be tested directly to make sure the pump is working or not. Need to check the power and ground at the pump. I can look up the wiring diagram real quick. It's powered by the PGM-FI Main relay and the underdash fuse box, fuse #2 15amp, the ground for the pump is at the middle of the fuel tank, the relay is engaged by fuse #9 7.5amp and the PCM for ground. Maybe that might help.
ck for fuel pressure and spark to start with or seek prof diag and est and not waste more money