Do you think this is likely? on 2004 Honda CR-V

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We had a front end collision. Our car was hit on the drivers side front corner. Front bumper and headlight messed up. Air bags did not deploy. Other car had only dent in fender. The fluids did come out at accident.....2 colors. The car was towed to our house. My husband tried to start the car. It did start but would not shift into geer. We assumed it was due to lack of transmission fluid. Body shop is telling us transmission is shot. How likely is this? We don't want to be ripped off. No collision insurance and quote for repairs is already $2600.00. Please advise.
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I love the CRVs great car if properly maintained are very reliable. I agree with Roy get a second opinion but also look at ans see what the value is and look on Craigslist and Autoshoper and see what a comparable car would cost.
we cannot say without seeing the car.
if you dont believe them, take it somewhere else for a second opinion. there may be more damage than you think. most damage is under the hit area even though it looks superficial.