do you have to replace rack and pinion pump and pressure line if you loose power on 2003 Ford Taurus

why cant i replace only one thing on this area if the flouid spirts out of the pressure cap after the car turns off and the price i got for this was 558.04 for parts and772.20 for labor and cant i fix it myself?? and start with the cheapest part

by in Waterford, WI on November 09, 2012
3 answers
ANSWER by on November 09, 2012
if you never done this before i would let a repair shop do it
ANSWER by on November 09, 2012
If there is no power and you are losing pressure from the need another pump.
ANSWER by on November 12, 2012
Do you have a full set of metric box wrenches (long & short) , crows foot wrenches , line wrenches, jack and jack stands , air compressor 1/2 &3/8 drive air tools drain pan, alignment rack screwdrivers channel locks, torx (internal& external) and a pressure guage with adapters and any other random item I'm missing ? then yes you CAN do it yourself! From your description you need a steering rack fluid spurting out of the reservoir is only the symptom , not the CAUSE. Good luck!!

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