Do you have to grease aftermarket upper ball joints after installation? on 1995 Honda Accord

Or do they came greased?

Asked by for the 1995 Honda Accord
they come with some grese but grease again till cup swells
I don't know what size grease fitting to use. Do you know how or where I can out? Thank you
they come with the nem ball joints
Well, The person who replaced them accidentally threw them in trash and now I don't have it. UGH. Come to find out the lower ones need to be replaced now. I looked at them and they are worse than the upper. If it's not one thing it's another...UGH
Time for a new shop , where they don't throw away parts needed for the job? Also you can get grease fittings at NAPA or store like it to replace the 'missing' ones. Then grease them before it's to late.
yes they must be bad
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