Do not have dash lights on 1998 BMW Z3

After replacing a bulb behind the heating dash I had a short circuit and ended up without any dash lights.
Checked all fuses (fuse box under the bonnet) and they are all ok!!!!! To make sure even replace them all!!!!
Stil no dash lights!!! What to do now?

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Hate to say it but you may have damaged something with the short circuit. Really need to inspect all the dash lighting, there are modules or little computers involved, so I wish you luck.

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Check that you haven't pinched a wire between whatever you removed and the metal structure of the dash. This would cause the fuse to blow. I'd think there's a fuse box in the passenger compartment too but I'm not sure in your car, you'll have to look for it, maybe check in the owner's manual for the location of the dash light fuses. It's possible that the fuse is not called "dash lights" but something like "Gauges," too.