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1994 BMW 540i Question: Do I replace coils and plugs or just valve cover gasket and hope for the best?



Visitor, Worcester, MA, April 07, 2010, 20:51

car was running pretty crappy had a local dealer look at it found oils in engine coils and on plugs. Said I need to replace all eight coils and plugs. My question is, oil in coils means leaky gasket. Could I get away with cleaning coils and plugs and replacing gasket covers only?

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  • Answer #1

    patrick mannion from Greg Solow's Engine Room, April 07, 2010, 21:28

    I would replace the valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals first. Note which coil came from which cylinder and which coils had oil on the plugs which could potentially have damaged the coils. After replacing the valve cover gasket and related seals then see which cylinders are misfiring and replace coils as need be. If you are replacing coils inspect/replace spark plugs and save a duplication of labor later.

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  • Answer #2

    April 07, 2010, 23:04

    Probably not because you already have symptoms. Replace gasket and plugs and see if that works.

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