do i need to uplug a knock sensor after i install a gear drive timing system? on 1995 Ford Bronco

after i installed a 'noisy' gear drive my check egine light is on and my truck runs rich.

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It really dont matter at all but why gear to gear! Reason i ask is i cant recall the last time i had to replace a three piece set! They dont give any trouble after they dropped the old single roller, fiber coated cam gear years ago, and beefed up the new set to steel, double roller, even on high performance engines. Did you degree the cam? Just curious, that's all.
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If it were me, I would relocate it so it wouldn't read, but have one plugged in and grounded.
Not suppose to put them in computer car,the noisy ones, I didn't know you could relocate knock..
Well when understand electronics you can use common sense. You can't leave it unplugged so what ya think yous has to do.