Do I need to replace wheel bearings if I only drive 3-5 miles a day? on 1999 Toyota Solara

1999 toyota solara with 168,000 miles. Had a humming sound when traveling at highway speeds from the rear of the car for a while and mechanic said the wheel bearing on the left rear wheel needed replacement. Says approx $400 to replace.

Normally would bite the bullet and pay to repair, but I only drive literally 2-3 miles a day (to the train station and back) and anticipate having the car for just another year or two.

Can I keep driving on "bad" bearings until they go out completely or will I cause further damage doing that? What happens when they go out completely?

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Wheel bearing should be replaced right away.. it can lead to uneven tire wear and it creates alot of heat in the bearing which could eventually lead to a extreme heat and maybe even seperation of tire from axle.. it really dont matter how far you drive it should be replaced