1990 Volvo 240 Q&A

1990 Volvo 240 Question: do I need to replace my rotors with new pads

Do rotors need to be replaced with new pads. -
Answer 1
Hello, Not always. Typically, the rotors will last through two sets of pads. This assumes no damage / abuse due to overheating, warping, bluing etc. Cheers, Andrew -
Answer 2
They do not automatically need to be replaced. However, the following needs to be done: 1) the brake rotors need to be inspected carefully for evidence of any hard spots, blue coloring, deep grooves. 2) the rotors need to be measured with a micrometer at their thinnest point, and this measurement must be compared to the minimum thickness as stamped on the rotor disc itself. If the rotor is discolored or too thin, it should be replaced. -
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