Do I need to perform a fuel injector and throttle body service on my 07 Altima? on 2007 Nissan Altima

I recently brought my 07 Altima 2.5s in for scheduled service and was advised that my fuel injector system and throttle body required servicing. My car has 118,000kms on it and recently I noticed that it idles pretty rough and sounds a little loud on early acceleration whereas before it was very quiet. I'm a little reluctant to have this service done but on the other hand, I have noticed a difference in fuel economy and performance as well as the rough idle and loud acceleration. Any useful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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yes the throttle body gets coked up and can cause idle isssues
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clean throttle body. to shouldn't have a problem with fuel injectors for that kind of mileage. upgrade air intake to high air flow filter. use additive(ethanol treatment) with 1 tank of 92 to clean fuel system. did you tune it up recently? it may help. if lots of city driving, it may just want to go out on the highway for a burn.
They don't recommend doing a throttle body service on the newer Altima but Ive done at least a 100 and have had only one come back with a check engine light and all I had to do was clear it and never came back. You just have to watch who you have do the service because a lot of people think its just your average tb and its a lot more to the Nissan throttle body. Just be careful who you have the work done. These jiffy lube, kwik Kar and other service centers have a lot of kids who have no training and the only way they make their money is to sell you the service. Hope that helps